Monday, July 21, 2014

Family Reunion

   This Sunday was very special—my whole paternal family, except my eldest cousin Bassam who is living in San Francisco, has come together for a reunion, here, in Lebanon. Joelle, my other cousin and Bassam’s sister, came for holidays in Lebanon—she has just accomplished her specialized doctorate in Gynecology and is among 2 in all the United States to be accepted in Chicago for a sub-specialty of Minimal invasive surgery! After mom and success story Sophia Amoruso from, she is definitely one of the career-driven and independent women I look up to. 
As far as I know, it is persistence and hard work that leads to the execution of a successful career plan. You can dream all about it, but it never comes the easy way when you start with just your academic background and your own self to make it. And it will also take some risk-taking and faith to be able to jump the leap at times and make the hard decisions when you come across them—and ambition to not lose yourself on the road. Joelle has made all of our family proud, and I hope one day, to follow her lead and excel in my own field.
   Yesterday was really hard taking pictures—the weather was so windy and I was wearing a flared dress. Thanks God I was wearing a headpiece from Aura Headpieces to tuck my hair a bit, otherwise, my face would have looked like a lion on all the shots. Speaking of this headpiece, I am in love! It is handmade, bendable for the comfort of wearing, and gold plated. It cost me a little fortune, but it is very worth the investment—worth the attention you will be getting, at least! It passed on the heads of all my cousins whom wanted to try it, and later at night, when I went out with my friends, it iterated the same success. The headpiece is an accessory that you can wear very easily to glamorize your outfit if it is simple or if you are not wearing earrings and handcuffs and bracelets… But you can also wear it for a special occasion, go to the hairdresser, tie your hair in a bun or style it in a way and have it placed.
   In this outfit, I wore a simple colorful dress and I matched it with my favorite lipstick from Dolce and Gabbana. I picked the laced-up heels because it adds a feminine touch to the whole outfit. I didn’t want to wear platform heels, it’s a whole different attitude—this time, I wanted to look “mignonne” “coquette”. 

I was wearing a dress from Miss Selfridges, shoes by Chinese Laundry available at GS stores, Chloe Paraty bag, and headpiece from Aura headpieces. 


Friday, July 18, 2014

Goat cheese and dried fruits balls

Goat cheese is one of my favorite cheeses—I just love how creamy it feels and melts once in your mouth. So I thought that it would be nice to have the same feeling for just one bite or bouchee of an appetizer. Enjoy the delightful recipe!

For 6 pieces you will need,


125g Goat cheese
4 Cajun nuts
3 Dried apricots
6 Blonde raisins
Black and white sesame
Fresh mint leaves

Crush the Cajun nuts and cut the dried fruits into tiny cubes. Mix them together.
Cut two thin slices of goat and put ¼ of a teaspoon of the mixture in between and at the center.
Close the slices together and form a ball. And roll it on a plate of black and white sesame.
For the presentation, you can represent the goat cheese balls with a mint leaf underneath.

Watch the video for visual help!