Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Right At Your Door

I’m standing here, right at your door.
 I have been absent for a long while now on my blog.
I have been busy with finishing college (Congrats me!) and other projects as well.
But to be fairly honest, I went through a hard time. I have lost appetite in blogging…
 I forgot who I was, my career plans changed, I lost myself searching for something else.  Meanwhile, I forgot how much the blog meant to me and how nothing else could describe better my last years in high school, my entry to college, the years in college, and today, my graduation.
A few minutes ago, I was just scrolling down the oldest posts I had written on the blog. I recognized this younger girl who went to my high school; she had dreams and she knew little of what I know today—this nostalgia moved me.
I have made my decision to continue this blog no matter what. Now that I have free time, I want to blog more often about what I love, and not give a damn about everything else. I want the blog to be my reference and still be able to help my friends with my recipes when they need it. I want to stay updated with all the latest trends and news in the fashion industry and be an avant-gardiste and trendy woman.
I want to grow up with you and I want to remember memories.
I’m standing here, right at your door.
Stay tuned.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

I heart Unique at Oddfish

I Heart Unique is the baby of my too favorite older fellow bloggers, Souzanna Baradie and Elsa Osta. Having both a fashion background and years of expertise in styling or accessories design, they have decided to combine their positive 80’s vibes and rainbows of ideas into a line of 8 edition limited Tshirts. It was a pleasure to pass by Oddfish, where the Tshirts are selling currently to celebrate the launching of their capsule collections! I loved many of the tshirts or crop tops, but I ended up buying the one with cupcakes boobies! Haha! I would wear it effortlessly with short shorts and colored sandals for a casual night out!
If you like the Tshirts, rush to Oddfish (near Beirut seaport) as limited quantities of Tshirts are available! Price range is ($45-$65).

I really liked this one too! Those little black tears are in fact fruit seeds!

Souzanna Baradie, blogger and co-founder of I Heart Unique.

I was on my way back from university when I went, so I was wearing a rather casual outfit. However, I tried to focus on the details of the outfit such as the checked patterns of my Stan Smith Adidas sneakers and the striped green and white collar of my slim cotton dress along with a vibrant blue Balenciaga bag.