Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Last friday, I went with dad to Baalback's festival -one of the most reputed in middle eastern area- to replace mom who couldn't go.
I wore a Long Dress, DKNY heels, Mango bag, Chanel sunglasses.
The Baalback's famous historical columns standing right behind the play.

The next day in the evening I went out with my friend who was leaving for Barcelona the following day. We got macaron from La Duree -I just crave this place!
The delicious macaron packed in a box. I took this photo originally to tease my friend who's in Scotland right now -Talaaa i miss u! - and missed my macaron orgasm moment.
 Later at night, I met my friends from Atomic prod. and helped them with the fliers that they were distributing about the party they planned with Ice Tropez; and it is happening tomorrow at Senses rooftop.
You can see on the top the Ad for the party.

On sunday, my brother cooked for the family since SuperMom wasn't here.. :(
My brother has such a fine but crazy taste in food. For example he made boiled shrimps with simple avocado cream. it was surprising yet delighful; i wish i had taken a picture of the food!
Later in the afternoon, after each of us took a proper nap, we went to Beirut souks.
I saw the nicest pair of men shoe at Louis Vuitton and hoped really hard to afford it one day -Even if it isn't available in a version for women. You can see for yourself the shoe in the link below. 
 Go to winter 2011 -Lace-ups > Atlas Lace up in Taiga and Suede.

When we went to Nike store (Still in the souk), we discovered an exposition of old cars that dated back from the mid 20th century. It was something uncommon and delightful to see.

That car got my attention the most. Firstly because it was Camil Chamoun's (Ex president of Lebanon around the 1950s-1960s) and secondly because it had a flat tire ever since... Was he too rich and prodigal that he would just buy another car instead? And so... Did he ?
One of my best purchase that day, the Easytones from Reebok. They're just so amazing though I still need to wear them &start working out!
Too happy with my new shoess

Friday, July 8, 2011

Elsa101 Fact#1: Best known for the succulent cookies she makes.

Likewise, I've been taking a lot of orders from friends and family lately. I've been repeating this same recipe for over 3times this past week -And i guess it's going to hit the fourth today. I guess my cookies are pretty much like nicotine, once you have a taste of them you get hooked.

Now here, doesn't it just look like it tastes heaven ?
I say it's calling you!