Sunday, January 1, 2012

Special Post for España STAY TUNED

After that I've lost faith into building up this blog last summer, I've had some regrets for not keeping up the work. So then I promised myself to get a web designer this summer -as soon as I'm done with final year exams- and i could start over AHmazingly.
 From the time I stopped working on the Blog I've gained more knowledge about evrything-fashion-concerned. Last week after christmas, I bought THE "Patternmaking for Fashion Design" book and for christmas i received an Ahmazing Nikon camera THE "Coolpix P500" and also a while ago I bought that Versace collec for H&M (I skipped school for that)... All of which will be contributing to the change you'll be witnessing this summer.

But why does that post make it so specially dedicated to you, España? Because today for the first time I check my blog stats  iitt got me thinking that I should post over there sometimes, it won't hurt me or my summer plan. And why it has come a shocker to me, because i would have hardly ever expected to hit the 100s pageviews. From you España i get EXACTLY 1111 pageviewers, 11 today - 1, new lucky number? i guess so! - from lebanon 60, the UK 19, 8 from the US and some others who fall behind including: Germany, Romania, Chile, France, Greece and India.

For the occasion of the new year, I'm posting something special
On that thought, HAPPY NEW YEAR PERSONAASS! MUCH LOVE, Your Pretty Capricieuse.

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