Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oreogasmic Cream Cupcakes

Right now I'm lying down in my couch devouring some of these Oreogasmic beauties. Don't get me wrong! It's just cream cupcakes that I'm talking about... This late afternoon I was faced to a dilemma -though it was quite easy to resolve- write an essay that I was assigned by the Arabic teacher orrr make Oreo cupcakes. Of course I opted for the last alternative, I tried out a new recipe of cream filled Oreo cupcake. Yes, I wanted to share the recipe with you, but, I'm still trying out many recipes to come up with the best one! it's just that it's got to be perfect so you gotta wait sugapie. 
And yes, i admit I've taken a lot of pictures. Dessert is mon obsession. If i could do two things in life simultaneously, I would choose eat and stay fit.
Let's discuss the recipe now. As you could or could not know,
all cake's basis is milk, flour, eggs and butter. Although I can understand that milk was replaced by cream cheese, where did the butter go ? The eggs were there and even if it was not mentioned i added over a 100g of flour. Sometimes i just feel like I'm back in chemistry class again it's hard to find a REAL recipe nowadays. It's crazy how people write anything on their web.
If you check the source (click here), Don't be all drooling over The picture... Believe me I tried it. I, Elsa, will get you not only The but The Best recipe. You got my word. Patience please.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Really Great Night

Due to a problem in internet connection i haven't been logging in on my laptop for the past few days. Now -which also is the soonest- I'm here, I'm here to update you on what's come up last.
Le Palais Maillot that has been such a great hit in Paris, moved its doors to Beirut, another city capital where all its citizens are constantly ready to club anytime anytime but not just anywhere.
I've been there over the weekend, a spring break party was held for AUB students with the FREEDOM club. A night starring the best Djs and the best music is the best cure ahead to distract myself from overcharged exams this week.

I'm wearing a vintage lace embroidered shirt; black denim pants, Citizens of Humanity; black leather belt, Hermès; I'm wearing my own shoes and Dior necklace and earrings.

Friday, February 24, 2012

BACK de nouveau☑

  As previously said: Croissant au chocolat, Hotel Le Bristol, Roadtrip. Needn't to say more.
What and Who i wore:
A collared lace chemise, Zara. A black paillete sweater and  high-waist skirt, both from H&M. Leather Jacket, Mango. Bag and flats, both from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Vintage leopard scarf, Kenneth Cole.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chocolate Chips Cookies

 The long awaited Best Cookies recipe has finally come. As you could or could not know, I'm very fluent in French as I am in English. In fact, French is my first living language. Also as you could or could not know, I have come up with an excuse to justify my french version of the recipe.... DEAL with it.

Pour environ 25 gros cookies
1.       150g de beurre ramolli
2.       150g de sucre blond en poudre
3.       150g de sucre brun en poudre, tamisé
4.       2 gros œufs, battus avec une pince de sel
5.       Une cuillère à café d’extrait de vanille
6.       300g de farine avec un sachet de levure chimique
7.       2 verres de pépites de chocolat
8.       1 verre d’amandes écrasées
9.       ½ verre de Lait.

Préchauffez le four à 180 C (therm.6).
Fouettez le beurre et les sucres à l’aide d’un batteur électrique de façon a obtenir une crème pale et légère. Incorporez l’œuf et l’extrait de vanille en continuant de fouetter.
Tamisez la farine dans un bol. Mélangez-les au fur et à mesure a la préparation précédente pour éviter les grumeaux. Puis ajoutez les amandes écrasées et les pépites de chocolat en les répartissant de façon homogène.
Posez 4 cuillerées à soupe très pleine de pate sur la plaque sulfurisée, en les espaçant bien les unes des autres. Parsemez encore éventuellement encore quelques de chocolat a la surface. Faites cuire de 10 à 12 minutes.
Laissez reposer 1minute sur la plaque a la sortie du four, puis posez les sur une grille pour qu’ils refroidissent complètement.
Répétez l’opération jusqu'à épuisement de la pate et stockez les cookies dans une boite hermétique.

Espacer les cookies l'un de l'autre pour eviter qu'ils se joignent en s'elargissant.
Separate the cookies to keep them distinct and untied to another as the cookies come out flat.

Sous l'effet de la chaleur le cookie s'applattit.
Reacting to heat, the cookie flattens.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I only miss you when i'm breathing

AHmazing day! Never thought i'd feel this good to be free all day and not have a constant stream of thoughts running on my mind about having to do some homeworks or revision... I might sound as a nerd saying that but you should really try it. "it" means to study daily "jst a lil bit" and u might catch up on ur social life on the weekend. Enough said.

Breakfast: Croissant au chocolat, Check
Lunch: Hotel Le Bristol at Verdun, -Best food ever- 
Car Driving training, Check☑
um what is there left?
Sleeping ? That's all i can think of now...
 I'll be back soon...

Updates will show what im wearing exactly et de la bonne humeur 
Keep tuning , thats something you'll have to check
And I will be back soon 

P.S. I have to confess ... Best Cookies recipe will be out soon!