Sunday, February 19, 2012

I only miss you when i'm breathing

AHmazing day! Never thought i'd feel this good to be free all day and not have a constant stream of thoughts running on my mind about having to do some homeworks or revision... I might sound as a nerd saying that but you should really try it. "it" means to study daily "jst a lil bit" and u might catch up on ur social life on the weekend. Enough said.

Breakfast: Croissant au chocolat, Check
Lunch: Hotel Le Bristol at Verdun, -Best food ever- 
Car Driving training, Check☑
um what is there left?
Sleeping ? That's all i can think of now...
 I'll be back soon...

Updates will show what im wearing exactly et de la bonne humeur 
Keep tuning , thats something you'll have to check
And I will be back soon 

P.S. I have to confess ... Best Cookies recipe will be out soon!

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