Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oreogasmic Cream Cupcakes

Right now I'm lying down in my couch devouring some of these Oreogasmic beauties. Don't get me wrong! It's just cream cupcakes that I'm talking about... This late afternoon I was faced to a dilemma -though it was quite easy to resolve- write an essay that I was assigned by the Arabic teacher orrr make Oreo cupcakes. Of course I opted for the last alternative, I tried out a new recipe of cream filled Oreo cupcake. Yes, I wanted to share the recipe with you, but, I'm still trying out many recipes to come up with the best one! it's just that it's got to be perfect so you gotta wait sugapie. 
And yes, i admit I've taken a lot of pictures. Dessert is mon obsession. If i could do two things in life simultaneously, I would choose eat and stay fit.
Let's discuss the recipe now. As you could or could not know,
all cake's basis is milk, flour, eggs and butter. Although I can understand that milk was replaced by cream cheese, where did the butter go ? The eggs were there and even if it was not mentioned i added over a 100g of flour. Sometimes i just feel like I'm back in chemistry class again it's hard to find a REAL recipe nowadays. It's crazy how people write anything on their web.
If you check the source (click here), Don't be all drooling over The picture... Believe me I tried it. I, Elsa, will get you not only The but The Best recipe. You got my word. Patience please.

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