Saturday, March 24, 2012

The day I wore that big fat marni jacket

Hi you must know that i should really like blogging see the fact that I'm dead tired from school. School on saturday? yes and from 9am to 6pm. Why? Because the people here at Sabis managed a middle east Sabis/International School of Choueifat reunion and I was covering the event media-wise so taking pictures about that whole thang. They got krispy kreme and Costa but lunch and dinner was crap -ofc because it's from the caf. Long story short, I'm tired and my feet hurt. It was a fun event but right now I'm too tired to say anything positive. You'll excuse me.
About that time I wore the big fat marni jacket I had lunch with mom and my sister and I visited that old Singer merchant -if you remember him- to get some needles for the sewing machine. Matter of fact I broke all of them. Oui, preuve de debutante.

Starting from the top: Black sequined collar and jacket, Marni for H&M; Black and white polka dots shirt, Mango; Green pants, Zara; snakeskin flat, Georgio Armani; Bag, GF Ferre.

Yep that's when I got the ring stuck in the wrong finger. Funny.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


  I spent a hell of a weekend with mom. Sunday, I went driving on the highway for the first time and I got a Camilla Skovgaard and Bottega Venetta high heels. They're pretty hot and they scream...

What I Wore:

A green emeraude blazer, Zara. White tank top and boyfriend jeans, H&M. Statement earrings, Marni for H&M. White leather sneakers, Converse Chuck Taylor. Red purse, Fendi.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

We celebrate every year, on the 21st of March, Mother's Day along with the awakening of spring. But to me Mother's day is not just simply held on this day or any other day but, it's got to be every single day. Yes, I have an incredible mom. And because without her, I would neither have existed nor persisted on earth, I owe her my whole world. It's just a few hours that I see her everyday but I don't miss out on any of them. It's amazingly indescribable how she would just stem happiness love care in my heart and get rid of all hatred building up. If I shall write about my mom... I guess blogger might as well start a 140 restriction character like twitter.
momy, you are the chocolate chips to my cookie and the brightest colors to my rainbow and the ketchup to my frensh fries.
3 words?
You are Superincredible aaand I LOVE YOU.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Opening of Spring Break

Hello to my faithful readers and thank you for tolerating with me throughout the past week -when I was myself bearing with final exams. It's always a pleasure to share with you and when I have time, I promise that I always make the most out of it.
focus on blue denim tights en accordance to my Pradas

It's been such a great weekend -plus I took Monday off- but the weather hasn't helped me at all to start the season in tightless skirts and bareless shirts like it could have last year. And, my outing to Beirut's solicited yacht port, Zaytunay Bay, wasn't that appreciated à cause du vent terrible. Maybe it was too soon to hang out en bord de mer, but needless to say the place was overcrowded from the time I arrived till I left.

Here I'm wearing a vintage striped pullover, H&M bf denim, Armani Exchange jacket, Dim tights, Prada shoes and a Lancel bag

Thursday, March 8, 2012

La suite de Marni pour Hennes et Mauritz

Just for a showing i wore the two scarfs together.
I was eager to hear back from mom. I couldn't give her the benefit of doubt, no wonder she tried all the clothes on in her office pronto. When i got her on the phone she just snapped that all the clothes are too big of a size and the collection is such a fail. We agreed together to head to H&M in Kaslik as soon as she was finished with work for a refund or exchange. As soon as I saw ze collection, it was deception. Indeed, the garments were too loose and wide and one of the jackets that comes in navy blue and black was un désastre totale.
We got to H&M and exchanged a few stuff but we kept most of them; I noticed there was a few pieces left in the store in sizes 40-42 and nearly the whole guy collection was left untouched. I should say that most of the guys here in lebanon, are more into brands than into style which of course i don't agree with. Their ultimate look is a True Religion denim pants, a Ralph Lauren Polo, and an Abercrombie &Fitch sweater; yes, that's what 99.99% of my male entourage wears constantly.
Bref, revenons a la collaboration de Marni. Keeping the flaws aside, it was a fun and aspiring collaboration. And, now that we're done, I wonder what brand will be next collaborating with H&M... haha but needless to say, we've got a good year to think it through! 

Anf of course the shorts can't be worn with that cardigan, it's just  for a showing.

My other pieces of the collection will be shown to you when worn. KEEP TUNING I LOVE YOU.

Marni for H&M Pre-shopping

Maybe i should share with you my "Marni for H&M" experience. Last thursday -yes it's been practically a week i've been keeping this away from you-, my mom my sister and I headed to Abc mall in ashrafieh, direction the H&M store. We've had an appointment with the manager and yes, ahead of many others, ordered a whole bunch of ze collection. Au total, we've spent over 2k$ -or more specifically mom did haha. The good news is that we -or she- are able to refund in a delay of 7 days. When you are 3 women at home, shopping is a big deal certainly. And also, there's a big deal of borrowing since we all 3 account for similar sizes -34 to 36 in pants size.
En gros, we've practically bought the jackets, the shorts, the shirts, some pants and accessories but no dress. The headline dress was tempting but needless to say, not very us to wear.
Yes in this magically sunny afternoon, I feel tranquil and laid back on my couch and assured to know that I've got ze collection without having to be in a never-ending morning queue. In a hour or so, Aramex, my new crush or the Middle East express package delivery, will just deliver its due over at my mom's office.
I will update you tonight, keep tuning!

MARNI FOR H&M - The queue outside H&M on Regent Street 
this morning -or the queue i didn't do.