Saturday, March 24, 2012

The day I wore that big fat marni jacket

Hi you must know that i should really like blogging see the fact that I'm dead tired from school. School on saturday? yes and from 9am to 6pm. Why? Because the people here at Sabis managed a middle east Sabis/International School of Choueifat reunion and I was covering the event media-wise so taking pictures about that whole thang. They got krispy kreme and Costa but lunch and dinner was crap -ofc because it's from the caf. Long story short, I'm tired and my feet hurt. It was a fun event but right now I'm too tired to say anything positive. You'll excuse me.
About that time I wore the big fat marni jacket I had lunch with mom and my sister and I visited that old Singer merchant -if you remember him- to get some needles for the sewing machine. Matter of fact I broke all of them. Oui, preuve de debutante.

Starting from the top: Black sequined collar and jacket, Marni for H&M; Black and white polka dots shirt, Mango; Green pants, Zara; snakeskin flat, Georgio Armani; Bag, GF Ferre.

Yep that's when I got the ring stuck in the wrong finger. Funny.

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