Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Opening of Spring Break

Hello to my faithful readers and thank you for tolerating with me throughout the past week -when I was myself bearing with final exams. It's always a pleasure to share with you and when I have time, I promise that I always make the most out of it.
focus on blue denim tights en accordance to my Pradas

It's been such a great weekend -plus I took Monday off- but the weather hasn't helped me at all to start the season in tightless skirts and bareless shirts like it could have last year. And, my outing to Beirut's solicited yacht port, Zaytunay Bay, wasn't that appreciated à cause du vent terrible. Maybe it was too soon to hang out en bord de mer, but needless to say the place was overcrowded from the time I arrived till I left.

Here I'm wearing a vintage striped pullover, H&M bf denim, Armani Exchange jacket, Dim tights, Prada shoes and a Lancel bag

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