Thursday, March 8, 2012

La suite de Marni pour Hennes et Mauritz

Just for a showing i wore the two scarfs together.
I was eager to hear back from mom. I couldn't give her the benefit of doubt, no wonder she tried all the clothes on in her office pronto. When i got her on the phone she just snapped that all the clothes are too big of a size and the collection is such a fail. We agreed together to head to H&M in Kaslik as soon as she was finished with work for a refund or exchange. As soon as I saw ze collection, it was deception. Indeed, the garments were too loose and wide and one of the jackets that comes in navy blue and black was un d├ęsastre totale.
We got to H&M and exchanged a few stuff but we kept most of them; I noticed there was a few pieces left in the store in sizes 40-42 and nearly the whole guy collection was left untouched. I should say that most of the guys here in lebanon, are more into brands than into style which of course i don't agree with. Their ultimate look is a True Religion denim pants, a Ralph Lauren Polo, and an Abercrombie &Fitch sweater; yes, that's what 99.99% of my male entourage wears constantly.
Bref, revenons a la collaboration de Marni. Keeping the flaws aside, it was a fun and aspiring collaboration. And, now that we're done, I wonder what brand will be next collaborating with H&M... haha but needless to say, we've got a good year to think it through! 

Anf of course the shorts can't be worn with that cardigan, it's just  for a showing.

My other pieces of the collection will be shown to you when worn. KEEP TUNING I LOVE YOU.

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