Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marni for H&M Pre-shopping

Maybe i should share with you my "Marni for H&M" experience. Last thursday -yes it's been practically a week i've been keeping this away from you-, my mom my sister and I headed to Abc mall in ashrafieh, direction the H&M store. We've had an appointment with the manager and yes, ahead of many others, ordered a whole bunch of ze collection. Au total, we've spent over 2k$ -or more specifically mom did haha. The good news is that we -or she- are able to refund in a delay of 7 days. When you are 3 women at home, shopping is a big deal certainly. And also, there's a big deal of borrowing since we all 3 account for similar sizes -34 to 36 in pants size.
En gros, we've practically bought the jackets, the shorts, the shirts, some pants and accessories but no dress. The headline dress was tempting but needless to say, not very us to wear.
Yes in this magically sunny afternoon, I feel tranquil and laid back on my couch and assured to know that I've got ze collection without having to be in a never-ending morning queue. In a hour or so, Aramex, my new crush or the Middle East express package delivery, will just deliver its due over at my mom's office.
I will update you tonight, keep tuning!

MARNI FOR H&M - The queue outside H&M on Regent Street 
this morning -or the queue i didn't do.

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