Tuesday, April 10, 2012

About Punctuality

For years and years and years -no I'm not thaat old- I've been told to be punctual. To be or not to be, that is the question. Well Shakespeare -and I- was often tempted by ses envies rather than what was really his cue. And like all true hedonist I believe that pleasure is the highest good. On the other hand, Time management is critical to one's subjectivity and mood trends.
Are you getting to my point? This is passing as an excuse for being late. Faute de leçon à prendre!

About starting over.

Et maintenant une page de publicite,

Ici, I am wearing an American Eagle jegging, Sisley sequined top, Mango tissage jacket, Juicy Couture leather bag and Camilla Skovgaard suede pumps.

P.S. Please guys comment on my post, I have to know your feedback.

Endlessly yours, THE Pretty Capricieuse.


BlueIvy88 said...

I love ur blog! The way u write is so charming

leFashion said...

extreeemely nice! keep up the work :-)