Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pain Perdu or The Quickie French Délice.

 Once upon a time, I opened the fridge and it was empty.
Is this situation any familiar to you? You take a look right and left, you check all the cupboards and still nothing. No chocolate bars or cakes, no nuts or chips.
But there it comes, the savior. A slim sun kissed tanned  french délice.
About that, don't get all dreamy already! Get up and start preparing the ingredients.

For One Greedy Person you need:
25cl Milk
1 Egg
25g Sugar
1 tsp of vanilla aroma
A slim slice of Butter
3 slices of sweet bun or any type of stale bread.
Icing sugar

La preparation:

1- Mix sugar and milk together and serve it in a dish soup.
Do the same for the eggs and vanilla aroma seperately.
2- Soak the bread slices in both preparations.


3- Melt a slice of butter on a non-stick frying pan.
4-Remove gently the bread slices to avoid it breaking loose and lay them on the sizzling butter.

5- After a few minutes, turn every bread slice to its other side and make sure both sides to be glazed.
6- Finally, Sprinkle les pains with icing sugar abundantly.

Not only did this recipe take me about 5 minutes to cook but it has also become extremely accessible in view of its basic ingredients.
I strongly recommend you to try out this perfect delight.

Yours truly, THE Pretty Capricieuse.


rita ghanem said...

Yammi! C est delicieux!!! :) u should make sure that ur fridge is always empty!

ELSA said...

Hahahah I guess I shld...