Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blossoming tops

I am going to begin with a confession. I'm having the anguish of the white page, ce moment que je redoute le plus. La fatigue envahit le train de mes penses and la routine sucks the fun out of my life. School has been extremely demanding and tiring I hope you guys forgive me for spazzing out and also for the infrequent posting. I can assure you that, by summer, I will be doing more than this.
Technically, this weekend I witnessed no change in routine or whatsoever. The sky is still gray and the horizon blurry. I think I am starting to fantasize about graduation and the break out of my routines and my AUB acceptance letter, it's been ages I'm waiting for it!!!
Apparently this Sunday, like it is supposed to be on a warm spring day, flowers were blossoming all over our tops for my sister and I. With her permission I get to feature her too.

moi : Versace fleurie jacket, pink Lancel bag
nella a.k.a sister : Zara fleurie chemie, Marc by Marc Jacobs snakeskin bag

  Both outfits are worn over jeans which is pretty comfy for a delaaayed grasse matinee. With ma petite family, I tried out the new Sultan Brahim restaurant in maameltein; it has got an amazing view of Jounieh bay and the food is still delicately tasty.
  Ainsi donc, it's not until I came back that i got to catch up on my sleep before la family heads back to BUMC (Toyota-Lexus) Zalka for a fashion show.
  Imagine a catwalk with international models -humm deliberately coming from just a couple of European countries, if you see what I mean- sporting evening dresses by a certain Lebanese designer... Sana something. You'll excuse my short memory (if you don't mind). I predict that the only way to eradicate ce courrant de top c'est russian roulette. I couldn't have put it in better words myself. Mean thought.

At BUMC Zalka.

La crainte du the petit ventre. Pas grave c'est par defaut d'etre gourmande, (trying to convince myself). It will disappear at once when i meet my prince charmant. Till now no sucking up for basic dudes.

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