Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Faqra Trip

Oh guys I'm not letting you down. Finally I get to speak here. This coming month of june is full booked with exams, well yes, you don't get to graduate from school peacefully. At least I get to say the french valedictory speech at the graduating ceremony. Whatever I'm entirely yours now -till you're done reading. So that past weekend was great as it was set out to be. I went with some friends to Faqra, a small wealthy village in the mountains. Have a look at these landscape pictures...  just by looking at them I feel as if I'm riding the ATV (quad bike) again, I can breathe the fresh air, the wind blows and my hair flows.

 ATV trip on Faqra-3youn el siman road. Amazing feeling.

You could have noticed in the above, the snow leftovers. Still, the weather was pretty warm. So a hint about my wardrobe ? Here you go...

Ok on me donne la langue au chat what I'm wearing is Sisley black crepe, satin and silk top; Marni x H&M graphic pajama pants; H&M black denim blazer; Chanel two-tone sunglasses; Marc by Marc Jacobs black leather bag; and Bottega Veneta Crimson red leather wedges.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Going Mad at White

Yo people so I finally get some free non-stress time, here I am sitting on the couch and listening to the most massive RnB tubes on a friday night. Consider it an opportunity for me to have an unbelievably 8 hour sleep. Tomorrow I have rehearsal for graduation at 12h30 so I'll sleep until then, how great? so much.
Anyway last Tuesday I went to the very much reputed club White and it was an outstanding night. The club was so crowded so much that the people were all breathing in and out the same air, it was that hot.

 I was wearing another H&M contribution outfit. From top to bottom here we go: Yellow studded dress and Japanese floral jacket by Versace, Black leather bag by Tory Burch and Camilla Skovgaard black suede pumps.

Speaking of H&M contribution, Anna Dello Russo, the Japanese Vogue fashion director, is reported to launch her own accessory collection for H&M on October 4. Long time ahead of us yes, but just saying! Check out a few of her signé collection!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Once upon a weekend

  Saturday is for friends. Sunday is for family. Yeah right. Tell you something you don't know is pretty challenging right now because that means getting distracted more. Actually I am in the middle of something, some revision to be done for some exam. I will be able to share more things with you tomorrow about my chicest clubbing experience. Keep tuning to know more about where, what wear.

The Hanging Out with Friends

A Balthus, Beirut, avec la famille.

Nella, la soeur.