Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Faqra Trip

Oh guys I'm not letting you down. Finally I get to speak here. This coming month of june is full booked with exams, well yes, you don't get to graduate from school peacefully. At least I get to say the french valedictory speech at the graduating ceremony. Whatever I'm entirely yours now -till you're done reading. So that past weekend was great as it was set out to be. I went with some friends to Faqra, a small wealthy village in the mountains. Have a look at these landscape pictures...  just by looking at them I feel as if I'm riding the ATV (quad bike) again, I can breathe the fresh air, the wind blows and my hair flows.

 ATV trip on Faqra-3youn el siman road. Amazing feeling.

You could have noticed in the above, the snow leftovers. Still, the weather was pretty warm. So a hint about my wardrobe ? Here you go...

Ok on me donne la langue au chat what I'm wearing is Sisley black crepe, satin and silk top; Marni x H&M graphic pajama pants; H&M black denim blazer; Chanel two-tone sunglasses; Marc by Marc Jacobs black leather bag; and Bottega Veneta Crimson red leather wedges.


Noah said...

Que bonitos paisajes! estas muy guapa!

un beso


ELSA said...

Thanks babe i will check up ur blog x

loveherb said...

Nice look! love your shoes!


Vivid Virginia said...

You had a wonderful photos, I really love yous shoes, Elsa :)