Saturday, June 2, 2012

Find me

So I'm back here. Finally. Right now I'm sitting on the rooftop of my house and trying to catch a little tan. It's  hot and the sun is shining bright even now, at nearly 5pm, but it's fine there's a lot of wind that balances the weather out. Most recently I attended a first communion, that of my moms best friend child, check out my wardrobe and tell me what you think of it, but first let me show you the amzing view of Jounieh bay from the restaurant we've been to.

On the above: Nude jersey top, Kookai; graphic silk pants, Marni x H&M; Nude sandal heels, Michael Kors; necklace + ring, Topshop.

KEEP TUNING GUYS... There is more coming up!


Nazaret said...

I´ve seen most of your blog and i like it!!!
Love your Armani ballerinas and Versace clothes!

ELSA said...

Thanks babe (: