Monday, June 25, 2012

How to rock an LBD (1)

Hey guys, sorry for keeping you waiting it is really such a shame! I would be finally done with my exams by Saturday and I'm graduating High school this coming Monday. You could not guess how crazy my excitement is à l'approche des jours! Just so I can keep you updated, here's a simple way to rock a LBD for the summer. I wore this outfit one time I went to Dhour el Choueir mountain with my family to profit of the clean bracing mountain air and the fresh breeze... but mostly, to escape the scorching days of unforgivable intense heat and sultry atmosphere of the summer.

I am wearing a LBD from H&M with a hint of a tuxedo pleated dress, red statement necklace from Lanvin x H&M, and studded sneakers from Prada.

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