Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A call for Responsibility

Mid-July: As the days of summer went on and the beginning years of commitment and responsibility seemed less and less distant, all AUB new students were called up for orientation. During 3 days, we got to meet our advisers, some professors and new students too. Also, we walked around the huge AUB campus, hung out on Bliss street, had lunch in the souks. Bref, all that could've seemed like a warm up pour les années à venir. Que reservent - elles ces années à venir? The best questions have no answer. I guess it will have to be a surprise.

Day one :

Location:  AUB Campus
My Wardrobe: Cut out white tee, Zara black jupe culotte, H&M black denim vest,  Prada studded black sneakers, Louis Vuitton aviator sunglasses, Liz Claibone vintage(my mom's) leather backpack.

Day two:

Location: Beirut Souks, Solidere.
My Wardrobe: American Eagle tribal corduroy shorts, Massimo Dutti white silk and cotton tee, H&M black denim vest, White leather Chuck Taylors, Louis Vuitton aviator sunglasses, Dior heart and lock necklace, Louis Vuitton Damier tote.

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