Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mega Frenzy

I just figured out what frenzy means and now it’s my new word of the moment, the first thing I got when I searched it on Google was “A state or period of uncontrolled excitement or wild behavior”. I can relate to that. One thing I like the most about Chanel makeup products is the idea that they match every color of nail polish and every color of lipstick with a quality or characteristic that quite suits them. I fall for that kind of charm. My latest buys are Clinique Chub stick Mega Melon 07 and Chanel Frenzy 559 nail color. I chose both on a basis that they could be worn at all times: natural and discreet,yet, embellishing.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CW#2: Good things are happening to me

I really don't know what to say but happiness reins in me. I was so worried about getting into college that now I find it ridiculous. I wouldn’t want to be going elsewhere now. The people are friendly, the teachers are fair, the rules and regulations are easy to follow. And no, don’t make me think about the forthcoming exams right now. Other things that made me happy this week include my registration in the Fashion Club of AUB as a designer; and I signed up in the Business Club Society and the International Affairs club. I’m happy—that’s all.

Abraham Lincoln said, “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.” So leave me-and-my-happiness-together alone.

College Wardrobe: blossom studded top and white studded shorts with bracelets from H&M and my famous white leather Chuck Taylors Converse (my second purchase of the exact same shoe) and holding my studded black leather miumiu bag.

In front of the green field at AUB, see how nice it is?!

CW#1: Inside my College Wardrobe

I am going to begin with a confession... These pictures should have been posted earlier. Actually, my plan was to get every outfit I wore at AUB on my blog daily. Truth is, it is a bit intimidating to ask the people you barely know already to take some snapshots of you, and likewise, I wouldn’t say it would be better to ask random people on campus. You'll excuse me if I look dead tired on these pictures—I took them when I got back home. I think I should learn from this and take pictures before I leave home instead. And I should probably make friends with a photographer...

The first outfit is pretty much comfy and easy to pull off. I wore a men tee and a sports bralet underneath, with shorts of the same color tone.

The second outfit looks more polished; I first intended to wear a simple white tee with the tribal shorts that disappeared in the jumble of clothes in my room and I had no time to look for it. I finally ended up wearing this white broderie silk shirt, which turned out to be quite refreshing and adding a little twist to the outfit.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Veronica Lake's Peekaboo Hairstyle

Hair. You could do anything to it. It is the easiest and cheapest luxurious way to step into the fashion forward community. In my opinion, I see it effortlessly evolve with fashion in myriad ways like being—accessible, fast, trendy, ephemeral, and of course tagged along the years. It proves nowadays to be a non-miss on the catwalk and the craziest accessorize that leading figures wear on fashion week, the Oscars, the Emmys and on all the special occasions. But always, hairstyle is a hint about your understanding about elegance and what you can do about it: great hair makes you look great.

Bref, I had to fix my hair for AUB legacy ceremony (see post here). So I took inspiration from a world-impact hairstyle from the 50s, that is Veronica Lake’s peekaboo. I fixed my hair at the hairdresser but here’s a link for DIY (part I &part II), I watched the video and I can swear by its workability.

Ready in the car.