Thursday, September 6, 2012

Discover Ashrafieh 2020

Discover Ashrafieh 2020 map.
  Ashrafieh is one of the oldest Christian districts of Beirut, both residential and commercial. There stands the tall concrete towers  in place of the architectural heritage that’s been torn down by the past civil war or recently devastated by the new age developers. Here we introduce Ashrafieh 2020, a sustainable city initiative to incite the preservation of the environment and the awakening of eco-friendly behavior on an 8-year target. However, along the monstrous efforts of developers to impress on a global level, will they change to see the future on a greener perspective? Possibly. In fact, developers may as well just agree to change concerning our environment, since Ashrafieh 2020 has marked a point by coming to their certain ends. Oui, they set and organized a car-free day in some central and most important streets of Ashrafieh to discover the city on foot or by bike. This is what a dream in action seems, step by step.

Loved the architecture of this building it is castle-like.
Here and there eating my Kechek man2ouche.

That day was scheduled on September 2, which turned out to be a Sunday, the perfect occasion to hang out in family. First we had to figure out how we were going to get there… we finally chose to go by car and park it in ABC mall that is right around the corner to Mar Mitr street. First things first, we directly head to “Banquet Geant Souk El Tayeb”, number 14 on the map; I was so hungry. I thought there was going to be a giant banquet-where the name- of Lebanese specialties but all there was to eat was nothing but man2ouche. For the ones who don’t know, man2ouche is a pizza-similar dough baked with cheese or thyme or Kechek on top. Then we started to walk in the centre of Ashrafieh moving from one street to another looking around for activities such as painting, skateboard, and artist’s sales. There was also NGOs presence like “BETA” for pets, “smart waste”, “Ana ma bkeb”, “Beaatouna”, etc. In addition, there were many dogs out with their companion, apparently, there was going to be a dog show, and then I heard someone ask about it. The activities were spread on such a long distance… sometimes we end up getting lost; and the weather was unbearable, really hot and humid, that we ended up pursuing our journey in ABC mall. There I bought some books and got some Pinkberry, a rightful consolation after all.

ABC mall having my Pinkberry.
  Though I appreciated the concept, I Think that Ashrafieh 2020 would have done it better at a different time in the fall or in the spring maybe. Hot and sultry weather doesn’t make anything the right timing. Bref, en toute modestie, if I was to manage it I would have done it better, seriously.


Speaking of my wardrobe, I wore a vintage backless Lycra black top with Sandro striped shorts along with a Sinequanone belt. I was carrying a studded miu miu bag and I had on foot my lovely Prada studded sneakers.

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