Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CW#1: Inside my College Wardrobe

I am going to begin with a confession... These pictures should have been posted earlier. Actually, my plan was to get every outfit I wore at AUB on my blog daily. Truth is, it is a bit intimidating to ask the people you barely know already to take some snapshots of you, and likewise, I wouldn’t say it would be better to ask random people on campus. You'll excuse me if I look dead tired on these pictures—I took them when I got back home. I think I should learn from this and take pictures before I leave home instead. And I should probably make friends with a photographer...

The first outfit is pretty much comfy and easy to pull off. I wore a men tee and a sports bralet underneath, with shorts of the same color tone.

The second outfit looks more polished; I first intended to wear a simple white tee with the tribal shorts that disappeared in the jumble of clothes in my room and I had no time to look for it. I finally ended up wearing this white broderie silk shirt, which turned out to be quite refreshing and adding a little twist to the outfit.

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