Friday, September 21, 2012

Veronica Lake's Peekaboo Hairstyle

Hair. You could do anything to it. It is the easiest and cheapest luxurious way to step into the fashion forward community. In my opinion, I see it effortlessly evolve with fashion in myriad ways like being—accessible, fast, trendy, ephemeral, and of course tagged along the years. It proves nowadays to be a non-miss on the catwalk and the craziest accessorize that leading figures wear on fashion week, the Oscars, the Emmys and on all the special occasions. But always, hairstyle is a hint about your understanding about elegance and what you can do about it: great hair makes you look great.

Bref, I had to fix my hair for AUB legacy ceremony (see post here). So I took inspiration from a world-impact hairstyle from the 50s, that is Veronica Lake’s peekaboo. I fixed my hair at the hairdresser but here’s a link for DIY (part I &part II), I watched the video and I can swear by its workability.

Ready in the car.

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