Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Culinary Shock

Do you know how much butter is there in whipping cream?
You would not believe how much butter there actually is in crème fraiche or whipping cream. SCARY. Now I understand better why we have to monitor everything we eat to stay in great shape. In 440 ml of crème fraiche there is over 200g of butter—That’s a lot! But then I remembered I read somewhere that 1tbsp of oil is equivalent to 1 tbsp of whipping cream or 10-15g of butter; and it seemed pretty logical that it would be as caloric and fattening in its content. 

The problem is, if you keep beating the whipping cream after it has become firmly whipped, fact is it will split up into 2 ingredients, a lot of butter and milk maybe—and honestly you don’t want to see that. I was horrified with how much butter there was. Then I looked over the internet and I discovered a blog that makes flavored butter out of whipping cream, but no, there is other less fattening and enjoyable food to eat.

Two vital advices:
  1. Do not beat the whipping cream overtime; always keep an eye on it.
  2. Girls careful do not consume a lot of whipping/whipped cream. I know that it might be some kind of guilty pleasure to some of you but it’s deadly. You might think it’s light to have whipped cream with strawberry but I can assure you you’d rather have strawberries dipped in chocolate or sugar.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A battle of greed

I give a thought for my country in this post. I hope that one day the entire feud will come to an end. However, it is sure coming at a high cost. Hurry, Save Lebanon from falling back again in the bloody hands of greedy souls.

I am finally done with my English project and I have finally submitted my essays. I still have the accounting project and my math’s first quiz left—I should ace it. My accounting project is about starting your own company, either partnership or corporation, and go through the steps of the accounting cycles. I like it, it seems constructive, yet, it requires a lot of work. I’m on to that tomorrow.
I have a sneak peak of my micro capsule collection, just one outfit, the picture will show you the garment in making. I will post to you more pictures these coming days.

 Since these pictures, more work have been done on the top that is Italian navy blue velvet and denim peplum. Shoulder pads are going to be added and the sleeves are going to be reshaped. This is an amazing start, I thank my mom endlessly for helping me out. By the way, the jeans are GAP and the reason why I have them on, if you're asking, it's because I have worn them on that day.

And here’s a final quote that inspires me a lot, short and straight to the point; it says to do what works for the future in French. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

DailyMoi #1

Finally, I made it here. Although I thought, it would be impossible. I am having a terrible week. A great deal of work for a great deal of GPA percentage is due this week. I don't think I was able to tell you yet—I’m  doing a micro capsule collection for a Halloween clubbing event. And I am modelling one of my outfits on top of that. The trouble is that I am making the clothes from scratch—or from Burda's pattern, same same I am creating the garment. Thanks God my mom is helping me a lot. I gathered many pictures of our work and I promise that I will make them available to you as soon as possible. We're on the last step "le finissage" as I would say in French, which consists of customizing and adorning. Oh wait I have to get my laptop charger I’ll be right back in a moment. Now I’m back and I'm thinking a lot. One thing I’m thinking about right now is the power a word gives to a teacher. Teacher, did I write that? I'm sorry I mean t-shirt! Think about a word you like choose the font and the color and picture it on the front or back of your shirt. Think of words that bring out reaction like power, innocence, and independence, instinct; those are some words that are part of my glossary. I am so tired I'm yawning. I am going to sleep.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Military Endeavour

   I don’t know where to start, there is too much to tell you about. Let me first begin introducing the occasion of my outing, which happened on the eve of my best friend Tala’s birthday. There were two things special about that evening: one, Tala is an amazing person and spending time with her is very interesting, amusing always, two, we toured the whole Gemmayze street , a very solicited area in downtown Beirut (the capital) where you have all these restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs. We started our night at The Gathering restaurant, a cozy vast place –considering every other restaurant there where you feel like you’re just 2 steps away from the street—secluded away from prying eyes. There, you feel like you have boarded another world—or country, not Lebanon at least, maybe Italy where you
Cheese platter and wine at The Gathering.
have this big square and you find restaurants circling it. The Gathering is similar like that, it has 3 little houses, one for steak, another for Italian and one more “Bar à vin”, surrounding a common terrace. Besides the fact that the place looks so charming the food is also exceptional—I didn’t want to leave a crumb in my plate even though I was fairly well overfull. We continued our night then at the renowned reference of food luxury and fine épicerie, Fauchon Paris, where we enjoyed a dessert worthy of the maison’s reputation. Finally yet importantly, we carried on to Treesome, an awesome pub, to celebrate and drink to Tala’s step in the adult world.
Eclair Paris-Brest, at Fauchon Paris.

Wardrobe-wise, unexpectedly yet in anticipation for the first rain drops, I was happy to show off my military pattern Current Elliot pants finally, which I wore along a white Zara shirt, Jimmy Choo x H&M leather jacket, DKNY leather peep toe heels, and bracelet plus necklace from Anna Dello Russo’s recent line for H&M.

Anna Dello Russo's statement necklace for H&M.

Me and Tala hand jewellery.

At Fauchon Paris.

At The Gathering.

At The Gathering.