Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A battle of greed

I give a thought for my country in this post. I hope that one day the entire feud will come to an end. However, it is sure coming at a high cost. Hurry, Save Lebanon from falling back again in the bloody hands of greedy souls.

I am finally done with my English project and I have finally submitted my essays. I still have the accounting project and my math’s first quiz left—I should ace it. My accounting project is about starting your own company, either partnership or corporation, and go through the steps of the accounting cycles. I like it, it seems constructive, yet, it requires a lot of work. I’m on to that tomorrow.
I have a sneak peak of my micro capsule collection, just one outfit, the picture will show you the garment in making. I will post to you more pictures these coming days.

 Since these pictures, more work have been done on the top that is Italian navy blue velvet and denim peplum. Shoulder pads are going to be added and the sleeves are going to be reshaped. This is an amazing start, I thank my mom endlessly for helping me out. By the way, the jeans are GAP and the reason why I have them on, if you're asking, it's because I have worn them on that day.

And here’s a final quote that inspires me a lot, short and straight to the point; it says to do what works for the future in French. 

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