Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Culinary Shock

Do you know how much butter is there in whipping cream?
You would not believe how much butter there actually is in crème fraiche or whipping cream. SCARY. Now I understand better why we have to monitor everything we eat to stay in great shape. In 440 ml of crème fraiche there is over 200g of butter—That’s a lot! But then I remembered I read somewhere that 1tbsp of oil is equivalent to 1 tbsp of whipping cream or 10-15g of butter; and it seemed pretty logical that it would be as caloric and fattening in its content. 

The problem is, if you keep beating the whipping cream after it has become firmly whipped, fact is it will split up into 2 ingredients, a lot of butter and milk maybe—and honestly you don’t want to see that. I was horrified with how much butter there was. Then I looked over the internet and I discovered a blog that makes flavored butter out of whipping cream, but no, there is other less fattening and enjoyable food to eat.

Two vital advices:
  1. Do not beat the whipping cream overtime; always keep an eye on it.
  2. Girls careful do not consume a lot of whipping/whipped cream. I know that it might be some kind of guilty pleasure to some of you but it’s deadly. You might think it’s light to have whipped cream with strawberry but I can assure you you’d rather have strawberries dipped in chocolate or sugar.

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