Friday, October 5, 2012

CW#3: Breakfast at Anna Dello Russo for H&M

Considering how much of an influential actor Anna Dello Russo is in the scenic stage of fashion, I had to wake up early and attend the launching of her collaboration collection with H&M. I just could not skip it even if it meant forgoing several hours of sleep—Yes, I don’t start classes on Thursday before midday. But say we wake up really early and could not manage to leave home on time and get trapped in traffic—really it was the worst feeling in the world to know time is going by and that we still haven’t reached the city yet (which is 20 minutes away from home without traffic). I was anxious because even though some people might not be keen on fashion and don’t know Anna Dello Russo well, if they saw the collection they would be attending the launching for sure. I was imagining in my head women fighting over her stuff, you know, typically just like the Americans would do during the sample sales. Anna Dello Russo’s collection for H&M is such a collectible and I wanted to put my hands on all of it. Long story short, my mom and I arrive 15 minutes late but we still manage to get everything we decided on the eve. I am so relieved and this is the end and the start of a beautiful day ahead of me.
I am wearing a Sinequanone graphic silk shirt, Zara jupe culotte, ADRxH&M sunglasses and bracelet cuff, longchamps white leather bag and my Converse.

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