Sunday, October 21, 2012

DailyMoi #1

Finally, I made it here. Although I thought, it would be impossible. I am having a terrible week. A great deal of work for a great deal of GPA percentage is due this week. I don't think I was able to tell you yet—I’m  doing a micro capsule collection for a Halloween clubbing event. And I am modelling one of my outfits on top of that. The trouble is that I am making the clothes from scratch—or from Burda's pattern, same same I am creating the garment. Thanks God my mom is helping me a lot. I gathered many pictures of our work and I promise that I will make them available to you as soon as possible. We're on the last step "le finissage" as I would say in French, which consists of customizing and adorning. Oh wait I have to get my laptop charger I’ll be right back in a moment. Now I’m back and I'm thinking a lot. One thing I’m thinking about right now is the power a word gives to a teacher. Teacher, did I write that? I'm sorry I mean t-shirt! Think about a word you like choose the font and the color and picture it on the front or back of your shirt. Think of words that bring out reaction like power, innocence, and independence, instinct; those are some words that are part of my glossary. I am so tired I'm yawning. I am going to sleep.

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