Monday, December 31, 2012

Faqra Weekend Getaway

  Honestly? Every year is the same as the next. Why celebrate NYE? I am not being pathetic. NYE is just another reason to celebrate. And I can celebrate anytime I want to. So what's the fuss about it, really?

  I even hate the thought of being mundane. And right now I really don't care about ALLLL human beings on earth. Screw the stereotypes, screw judging, screw idiots, and screw all of them. I always knew... Well, I’m going to cut it down to this because it's better.

  So anyway, that Saturday, I went up with some friends to a close friend’s chalet in Faqra to spend the weekend. The place was quiet, a few people going out, a few inches of snow in the gardens and on the corner of the roads. That was all excepted some nice pictures I took.

  I wore True Religion skinny jeans, GAP Cobalt blue Merino wool sweater, Isabel Marrant high top wedge sneakers, Vintage Kenneth Cole animal print scarf, Armani Jeans reversible anorak and holding my usual miu miu studded bag.




Christmas Day '12

  Having gone to church in the eve, I took the opportunity to sleep in the morning. Then I went with my family to have lunch at Movenpick Hotel, restaurant Mediterranee. The food was great, better than the previous years.
  I wore skirt and top from Zara, Fruit leather boots, Versace x H&M faux fur, Agatha Ruz de la Prada necklace, and Tufenkjian diamond necklace.
  Later, on our way back home, I asked mom to call Isabel Marrant boutique to check in whether they got their high top wedges sneakers or not—we have been actually waiting a week and the boutique in Dubai had already sold them. It turned out that they put them for sale that morning at 10 am. So we directly headed to the Boutique, which was some 10 minutes away from where we were at that moment in traffic.
Long story short, we managed to end Christmas with a “nice step” as I previously said on twitter.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Christmas Eve 2012

All About my Christmas eve dinner at home in pictures...
Thanks for the amazing and very special person to my heart that prepared this succulent dinner, love you.
 Felt like my hair got so long after that i got a brushing at the hairdresser.

Salmon Platter

Deli Tray

Cheese Tray

Foie Gras Tray

 Palmito Salad

Crawfish Salad

Bread and Buns

See Bacon Rolled Cheese Potato recipe here
 Christmas 11kg Turkey with Rice, Dried Fruits, and Grilled Sweet Potatoes. (Finger-licking delicious, Really!!)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mediterranean Salad


Cherry Tomatoes

Chopped Parsley

Raw Salmon cut into cubes

Virgin Oil + a bit of lemon juice


Mix them all up and serve them in small serving bowls.

Please Note: Mom called this a "Tartare de Saumon" and she adds small pieces of avocado but I argued that without it, the "Tartare de Saumon" is more Mediterranean and she agreed. To sum up, it all comes down to you: if you abide by the Mediterranean spirit, you wouldn't add avocado.

Christmas Plates

On the day of Christmas, I went with some members of my family to Movenpick hotel restaurant Mediterranee to have lunch there. There was plenty of Mediterranean food on the Buffet. Here's a look at some of my interesting Christmas Plates.

Great to accompany a meat platter

 Mediterranean Salad, see recipe here
 Fake Creme brulee, in fact it is custard with burnt sugar coat on top of it.

Museum of Fromage (Cheese in French)

Bacon Rolled Cheese Potatoes

   This recipe is a classic one in our Christmas menu. Other than the fact that it is savory, it is also at everyone’s reach. Christmas is a celebration for everyone, that is why I choose to post an easy, practical, and solicited recipe that is the Bacon Rolled Cheese Potatoes.

·        Small to medium sized potatoes
·        Boursin: Ail et fines herbes (French cheese) or cream cheese with a hint of aioli and finely chopped chive
·        Bacon, counting one strip of bacon for every potato

Cookware and Cutlery:
·        Toothpicks, counting one toothpick for every potato

Preheat the oven at 200 ÂșC.

Wash the skin of the potatoes thoroughly. Put the potatoes in a pot and fill in with enough cold water as to cover the potatoes. Boil for about 5-10 minutes or until the potatoes are not too smooth but just “fork tender”.
Peel the potatoes carefully and cut it into half to fill it in with cheese. Wrap the potatoes with a strip of bacon each and stick a toothpick in to hold the bacon to the potato.

Lay the potatoes in a mould and put to oven for about 45 minutes.

Serve hot and enjoy!