Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day '12

  Having gone to church in the eve, I took the opportunity to sleep in the morning. Then I went with my family to have lunch at Movenpick Hotel, restaurant Mediterranee. The food was great, better than the previous years.
  I wore skirt and top from Zara, Fruit leather boots, Versace x H&M faux fur, Agatha Ruz de la Prada necklace, and Tufenkjian diamond necklace.
  Later, on our way back home, I asked mom to call Isabel Marrant boutique to check in whether they got their high top wedges sneakers or not—we have been actually waiting a week and the boutique in Dubai had already sold them. It turned out that they put them for sale that morning at 10 am. So we directly headed to the Boutique, which was some 10 minutes away from where we were at that moment in traffic.
Long story short, we managed to end Christmas with a “nice step” as I previously said on twitter.

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