Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I turned 18 several days before I could celebrate my turning legal this past Friday. I cannot say that I am really anticipating my first steps in adulthood because of the responsibilities and worries that I am going to have, but at least, I have freedom. So unlike the U.S. citizens who drive legally at 16, here in Lebanon the minimum legal age for driving is 18. And really I cannot wait anymore to pass my driving test and drive my car that’s coming in a week or so.
Anyway, I wanted the best celebration ever for my birthday so I booked a table at the amazing MAD nightclub in Beirut and took myself an appointment for a complete beauty fix. I bought an effet-Herve-Leger dress from luxury brand retail store A├»zone. Likewise, with all the enthusiasm I had I was ready for the night. Yet, it didn’t seem all that chill and perfect at a second glance. When I finish classes at 2 pm, I was supposed to be headed to Sodeco Square to get my cake from Tsquare. Unfortunately, the cab driver decided to make it half an hour late and on my way back I was caught in traffic. Finally, I came an hour late to my appointment. Looking at the bright side of things, I was able to fix myself and dress up appropriately with a bit of lateness. Whatever, because after all they say “Les gens chics arrivent toujours en retard” (the chic people always arrive late) and I promise it’s like I’m genetically programmed to always arrive late!
 Here are some pictures of the night

my lovely sister and I

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