Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CW#9: Inside the Details


Back to AUB with the excitement of meeting new people, discovering my classes, figuring out what is Finance and Operations Management, eating pasta at the cafeteria due to lack of time in short breaks, sipping strawberry juice, and giving out my positive energy vibe.

  Nevertheless, far from that, the journey started in the opposite spirit, let me explain: traffic peak time, crazy traffic on the road, critical time left to reach class, fights, stress, arguments, the car taking shortcut roads with a dead end, and despair.  I was short of breath and nearly having a stomach cramp. The stress of punctuality when you’re late, I know it perfectly. I challenge it every time.

  I finally arrived, fairly, 7 minutes late, giving away 2 minutes to pass to the toilets urgently—I  couldn’t wait 75mns to go, which was the time of the period. When I came in, the instructor, a woman precisely (haha), was just finishing introducing herself. Then she moved to speak about the course, introduction to Corporate Finance. And the day went on more peacefully. 

  When I was finished, my dad picked me up from the gate and we both went to Balenciaga boutique so he gets me this sporty red clutch—Of course, it was my idea, I convinced him that it was not only a reward for my very good to excellent grades, but also, an incentive and motivation for next semester. And it is true. And I am a lady of my word—Daddy If you are reading this…

And hey, I was wearing a GAP slightly ripped boyfriend jeans, Mango gray pull and leather jacket, Hermes belt, Missoni scarf, H&M zebra socks, Kurt Geiger leather ankle boots and Kipling bag.

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