Friday, February 22, 2013

CW#11: From Day to Night

   It is late at night and I am here writing or summing up my most important events of the day into words. It was a long day at AUB; I had 3 classes starting from 9h30 to 3h15: Corporate Finance, Macroeconomics, Math and English. 
Of course, I got hungry several times during the day but I managed to eat just once—a tasty hotdog sandwich from Subway on Bliss Street, serious energy rebooster. I’m yawning, okay. Now I can’t stop yawning when I’m reading this “yawning” word!—A vicious cycle.

   After class, I went to Beirut Souks to hang out with my mom at the clothing stores and at the restaurant to have dinner. The place was in such an amazing and peaceful atmosphere. Not very far from the alley that would lead to ZARA, there was a set of music players playing their famous repertoire. We went to 7 for All Mankind and bought some perfect fitting jeans. I love to spend quality time with mom, it is not just about “shopping” but it is really her and her esteemed friendship and company.

   I woke up two hours ago and I’m going to have this posted before I start studying… a whole bunch of assignments to do and presentations to prepare! Now let’s buck up!

   I was wearing a Mango jeans Tshirt, ZARA leather legging, American Eagle faded denim shirt, Jimmy Choo x H&M leather bomber jacket, Kurt Geiger ankle boots, and a Gianfranco Ferre red vinyl tote. This outfit is very chill out, it complements a weather of 19˚C, and it carries you from day-time college chores to night-time fun.

AUB Campus- At the Green oval, in front of Bliss Hall

AUB Campus- At the Green oval, in front of Bliss Hall

AUB Campus- At the Green oval, in front of Bliss Hall

Some shots I took of myself while waiting for mom to pick me up...

Some shots taken by Carine Lemyre at OSB Business Administration Faculty Cafeteria...

At Beirut Souks with mom...


carol said...

i enjoy each moment i sped with you sassou and i love u and i love ur blog! u keep on evolving bravo u r doing a great job u r my rising star keep on working courage

ELSA said...

Love you mom!!! Sososo muchhh