Friday, March 29, 2013

Last of Nikon sessions, Beginning of Photography, and Some Other things…

   Thursdays have been hectic, but sadly, for the last time. Yesterday was my last Nikon photography workshop. So ask me, was this workshop worthwhile? Yes, it didn’t really bothered my time management, even I wished it lasted a bit longer. Have I learned more about photography? Yes and even I appreciate it more now. Am I going to take more pictures in the future? Of course! Will I be implementing what I learnt? At least, I will try. 
My friend who used to lead me the way to the Nikon place in Hamra travelled that afternoon to Kuwait to see her family during the Easter Holidays. So I managed to get there on my own. 
I spent the time after my English class at the green oval that is basically a place on grass. I took some pictures there where I was sitting in front of “Issam Fares Institute”-in-construction designed by internationally acclaimed architect, Zaha Hadid—who was also once a student at AUB. I was on my own shooting the world through my lens as I would like to say one day—but I was just shooting some architecture.
And I just remember, I am going to miss the people from my workshop. Yesterday, I even managed to speak to the woman who works at the finance department in the government to ask her some advices and some guidance about that whole wide business world.
And I even told the stylish woman that I love her style, I love her shoes, and when I came to ask her about those silver oxfords she wore with the stripes socks she laughed and said they were old—of course. I am such a fan of her style that the next time I see her I hope I dare to ask her if I can shoot her and show you here! Yesterday she was wearing a pair of double platform white sneakers with such a statement jacket that I can’t even get to describe it—I don’t have the words, neither in English nor in French and even less in Arabic. But well I can say it’s Celine’s simplistic style combined with Maison Martin Margiela’s madness.
 I wish very soon to be able to express further my clothing style and have a wardrobe that screams Me. About freedom, my driving license test is in 10 days and I cannot wait anymore!  Cheers to that and to being free!

Zaha Hadid's "spacecraft" design of Issam Fares Institute

Looking into one of the building's windows to see how far the construction work and architecture is in progress

Nicely Hall

Nicely Hall

Just sitting at the Green Oval

Just sitting at the Green Oval

The After Krispy Kreme Crave

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Palm Sunday 2013

   This is my second feature for the celebration of Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion (you can see the previous one, here). Usually we celebrate in family by going to the mass in the morning and then have lunch somewhere chic. There was WAY too much light in the morning; we stood in the shade but the pictures didn't work quite well because I was also wearing a highly contrasting outfit, monochrome black and white, as most of the time. For lunch, we went to Zeytuna bay, a wonderful place in Beirut, in a fish restaurant called Karam el Baher (I guess).

   I wore a Sinequanone lace and leather top, ZARA studded pants on the side, my brother's Ralph Lauren sweatshirt for some shots, Swarovski earrings, Dsquared black pointed booties, miu miu bag.

   Thank you sister for taking the shots at the deck.

Sister. No she doesn't have a blog yet.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fashion Weekly News (18/03-24/03)

   Kate moss is designing a sushi box for French chain Sushi Shop, modeled to carry 40 pieces of the Japanese raw fish-based cuisine. 

   Gucci’s profits before interest and taxes rose 17.7 per cent to $1.26 billion (£1 billion), in 2012. Asia accounted for 37% of the revenue, followed by Western Europe for 27%.

   Daniela Riccardi will leave her position as Diesel CEO next month. Stefano Rosso, son of Diesel founder Renzo Rosso, has been appointed co-CEO of the company. In addition, Renzo Rosso has been planning to build a luxury conglomerate in Italy, which already consists of Maison Martin Margiela, Viktor & Rolf and manufacturing company Staff International, and Marni.
Renzo Rosso

   Carla Bruni, the former French First Lady, is making her comeback in modeling and is going to star in Bulgari’s upcoming haute joaillerie campaign.

   Kate Moss stars in Britain’s oldest motorcycle brand, Matchless, for their first clothing line for Men and Women.

Kate Moss for Matchless

   H&M is launching this summer a line inspired by Beyonce’s style, said to represent the four elements: earth, wind, fire, and water.

Beyonce campaigns for H&M

   Keira Knightley will star as Coco Chanel in a new film directed by Karl Lagarfeld celebrating the 100th anniversary of  Chanel’s first ever store in Deauville, France. Other famous faces to appear in the film include model Stella Tennant, muse Tallulah Harlech and Lagerfeld's youngest catwalk star, toddler Hudson Kroenig, who will play a young nephew.
Coco Chanel

Updates from last week:

   PPR confirms changing name to Kering from June 18.

   Patrick Robinson—who we mentioned last week wants to start his own label—is now recruited by Armani as the new A/X Armani Exchange creative director.

Patrick Robinson

Friday, March 22, 2013


   Hello people, I have to say that, truly, I’m phenomenal. I slept the other night thinking that in the morning I will find myself disfigured on one side of my face. Funny Story, or even at some point embarrassing—But I don’t care—I managed to get my photography teacher in the heroic history of Nikon photography workshop. You probably know how the digital zoom in a camera zooms in and out. Well I was playing with that. I was worn out, tired, and sleepy (truth), at some point I was even closing my eyes. My face happened to be too close to the camera when zooming in and out again, my skin got vacuumed and stuck in the zoom. While I was trying different options to get my cheek skin out of that position, the camera stayed for a while hung on my cheek. Then, I started to imagine all kind of surgeries at the hospital to get my skin out. I called the teacher who saved me. While catching the attention of all the audience, no one really realized what was happening. Then we all burst out laughing so loud. I laughed so hard with everyone too, out of relief, out of shock, and out of embarrassment. Thanks for asking, I’m alright. I’m going to keep using my camera but I’m going to be more careful. With that, I admit I make every session of that photography workshop legend-aary, as Barney Stinson would say—Remember Last time? But it’s okay it’s nice to entertain the audience. I guess no one will ever forget me.

A picture is a matter of composition.

A picture is a matter of composition.

A picture is a matter of composition.

Focus with large Aperture.

Creativity in pictures with slow shutter speed.

Light Graffiti

Convey anger with light projection.

The amazing shoes of the woman with the stripes socks (part 2).

   Yesterday was also Mother’s day in Lebanon along with the arrival of spring. I got my mom a bouquet of purple tulips, pink-orangey roses, and bird-of-paradise flowers. She also received as a present sport shoes and a jogging outfit. I love my mom more than anything in the world and my mom is my supreme idol. It’s just a few words but they mean a lot. I love you mom. Thanks for giving me everything.

A bouquet of purple tulips, pink-orangey roses, and bird-of-paradise flowers

A bouquet of purple tulips, pink-orangey roses, and bird-of-paradise flowers

A bouquet of purple tulips, pink-orangey roses, and bird-of-paradise flowers 
Purple Tulips

Pink-orangey Roses

Pink-orangey Roses