Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Alexander the Great was not nice

Bummer. I started writing my article awesomely when my laptop bugged; I turned off my laptop without saving what I wrote—counting on the auto-save. Where is it? I can’t find it! Now I have to convince my stubborn self to let go of the lines I lost and stop remembering them. But they were great. Damn. That was really stupid to turn off my laptop, I admit. I was saying something about how straight-forward and honest I have become with people. Oh yes now I remember, okay I’m going to finish with that. Recently I said to a guy that it would have been better if I were a man in this patriarchal society. Freedom of speech/opinion, self-expression and independence, that’s what I’m always in defense of. Likewise, I have a strong argument for that; if anyone will misinterpret my attitude for rudeness, I will let them know if they want to conquer the world, Alexander the Great was not nice, at all.
In that spirit, I think I kicked off my camouflage pants very well off today! I was wearing Current Elliot Camouflage pants, ZARA trois-quart red linen T-shirt, Massimo Dutti brown suede shirt and worn as a jacket, Isabel Marrant high wedge sneakers, Louis Vuitton tote, and Topshop necklace.

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