Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chapter 2 of Nikon Photography Workshop and Me

   I have so many things on my mind right now in addition to the midterm exam I have tomorrow in macroeconomics. But I can’t stop remembering something really funny that happened yesterday at the Nikon photography workshop. Well at some point the teacher made us guess the object of several pictures. And it got us to a point we were comfortably unleashing our thoughts…

   So can you guess what’s on that picture? GUESS! 

   I thought it was “a man from behind”, the some friends I asked saw the same thing. Scroll up again can you see it? Actually, light-years-far from that, it turned out to be very oddly… a pepper bell! Yes!  The girl who was sitting next to me burst out laughing because she thought it was a “Buddha”. I don’t know if it was the way she said it or the boredom and monotone of the class but I got carried away in laughter too. We went on for like 5minutes —at least—meanwhile the teacher was moving on with his slides. Awkward and embarrassing. I have to assume that this girl was the closest to my age in this workshop, she’s a graduate in Graphic Design while I’m a sophomore in Business Administration, but the rest of the people could be my parents and some others even my grandparents. Awkward and embarrassing indeed.

   Thursday is my biggest day of the week, class from 9h30 am until I’m finished with Nikon photography workshop at 9pm—more than 12 hours away from home. So I have to dress up comfortably as much as I need a giant practical bag so I can fit in all my books, my iPad and my camera inside of it—I will never ever ever carry my camera’s bag, it’s very constipated and ugly.

   I wore a Seven for All Mankind grey skinny jeans, A Moschino Love shirt with the picture of La Sagrada Familia church of Barcelona (which I actually went to visit 2 summers ago and is still under construction), A Mango jacket, Reebok shoes, and Louis Vuitton Tote.

Wonderful cactus I saw on my way walking to the workshop

Wonderful cactus I saw on my way walking to the workshop
Apparently, this is the record $4.6 million sold picture.

A lesson about composition

The leather old shoes with stripes socks of the lady sitting behind me. I didn't ask her if I could take this picture.

La Sagrada Familia under construction, picture taken by me.
La Sagrada Familia was designed by Spanish Catalan artist and architect Gaudi.

Entrance to the church, picture taken by me.

Top part of the church, picture taken by me.

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