Friday, March 1, 2013

CW#12: Wearing my D.I.Y. Stripes shirt.

  *Sigh* my life has been much eventful this past week, test wise. In addition to that, for a month starting next week, I am starting the photography workshop with Nikon and the school’s midterms will follow. While, I managed to get my Fridays off this semester, I enjoyed sleeping in this morning peacefully with no worries and second thoughts.

  For the beginning of this week, the temperature rose high above winter’s average temperature, namely up to 26˚C. Therefore, I allowed myself to put on sleeveless shirts. I wore a mesh top underneath my DIY stripes shirt (that you can do HERE) and it inspired the rest of my outfit!

  I was wearing a H&M white mesh top, DIY stripes sleeveless shirt, Armani Exchange black biker jacket, Versace x H&M black side adorned legging, Isabel Marrant Bayley  suede and leather high-top wedge sneakers, and Lonchamps white tote.

Mesh top underneath shirt.

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