Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Last Snow Inspiration

  You have probably read my few articles about Faqra and Faraya reputable mountain village. Even to say village would be demeaning of it. Last weekend, I went up there with my friends again and I wanted to take advantage of sharing pictures of the last snow and show you how beautiful that place is. While there isn’t more than a pharmacy a few kilometers far, a few homes, this place has become such a hit in the Holidays. The hotels would be all fully booked, the ski slopes crowded in winter as well the pubs and the young people would be really mingling everywhere in the streets, at the pool, and at the restaurants in summer. 

I love this setting, this place is a landmark in Faraya we call "El Hajez". There's the Lebanese Flag on it.

This setting is right in front of my best friend's chalet.

A view from the chalet balcony

The Faraya-Faqra road

This picture was taken on our way back home on Sunday, it shows the top view of an opposing village down the valley.

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