Friday, March 8, 2013

NIKON School Photography Workshop and Me

I am serious about taking this blog to the next level and succeed in my upcoming project that I might reveal to you as soon as I design its model. In my observation and recent comparisons, I judge it necessary if not vital for me to acquire certain skills in photography. I confided in my mom the bottleneck of this situation and as if she really alleviates all problems, one day, she found out about Nikon School Photography Workshop. After appealing to some information, I registered in. This workshop happens all Thursdays from 6pm to 9pm at Nikon, Hamra. I learned so many things about my Nikon camera—I hold the Coolpix P500—that I think it’s impossible that I could learn even more things about it! I look forward enthusiastically to the many more sessions to come! I was held back by aperture in my camera, it reaches a max of Fv8.0, and I need small depth of fields for my project. So my father is going to lend me his D80, he bought a few years ago! Awesome!
I was wearing my casual boyfriends jeans from Gap, tricolor cashmere sweater from Sandro, my easy go Isabel Marrant shoes, Armani Exchange jacket, and Louis Vuitton tote.

AUB campus

AUB campus

 The Nikon notebook

  Practicing with my camera
 Practicing with my camera
 Depth of Field
 Exposure Triangle Control
 Photography Practice
 Inside my Nikon notebook
Overexposure: When the Light meter tries to turn black into grey.
How to fix the problem

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