Monday, April 29, 2013

Over the Weekend

   I understand there is no sun, yet in France—and I can imagine in the US as well—I followed up the news, on M6 or TF1 channel probably, and I do understand your frustration, the sun hasn't come up yet and it is spring—it is almost summer here in Lebanon, seriously. So as a compensation, I captured the sunset from my rooftop for you—YES YES—the view of the sun laying down on its bed, the Mediterranean sea. 

Here, the sun was still above the sea clearly

Some yachts sailing through the orange water through the lens of my camera

The sun barely touches the sea, here. I performed the one third composition method for this picture; the focus, namely the sun, is on one third of the frame.


   Besides that, my supermom got me the shoes I’ve been lusting over, Topshop Premium shoes, that’s how they called them. I will be happy to wear them and show you very soon, I must!

Topshop shoes, mine.

   Yesterday Sunday, I went out with family, drove down to Beirut, the capital, had lunch in Zeytuna bay, this amazing place and went back to finish my English research paper—tomorrow I submit online, finally.
   I was wearing ZARA shorts and T shirt, my white leather converse, Balenciaga red clutch, and YSL sunglasses, oh and I nearly forgot, the “big fat” Marni x H&M monochrome jacket.

@ CBJ (Classic Burger Joint) Zeytuna Bay

Just Love to carry my Balenciaga red clutch around, because I don't have that many opportunities to and I am more of a tote person

BBQ-Bacon Hamburger, a delight!

The Wow


livlovelaugh said...

GORGEOUS sun over the ocean photos!


Elsa Abi-Khalil said...

Thank you x