Wednesday, May 8, 2013

2013 Met Gala, “PUNK: Chaos to Couture”

   When I think of Punk inspired clothes, what will first come to mind is: Bare skin, cut out garments, nets, black palettes, crosses, vintage floral patterns, tartan patterns, crazy hair (colored highlights, mohawks, shortcuts, spikes, straightened shiny hair), heavy makeup (emphasizing on the eyes and on the eyebrows), black leather, studs and spikes, chains, and chokers.

   With a theme, daring like this one, I wasn’t surprised to see some look like outcasts dropping the punk chaos part from the theme and just keeping the glam and elegance of couture—irrelevant, as it was. They picked their outfit wrong partly because they weren’t really engaging in the theme of the annual fete—then I can ponder why they were there. I appreciated more the celebrities who played the game, and some even acted like igniters—Madonna. Others engaged too far in dressing up—for Halloween. Some played the simplicity card and won our hearts, just adding notes of punk and potentially exploring their outfits , shooting right for the context of the theme—a frenzy accent to couture or an elegant approach to punk.

   Hair and Make Up played an almost crucial role in the success of the outfits. Punk is a whole attitude, it’s in the hair, in the clothes, in the makeup, it’s in the shoes—and you should even be able to smell it in the air.

   It is true that many celebrities were up to the rendezvous but I’m featuring here the ones that most impressed me, enjoy !

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