Tuesday, May 28, 2013

From Mountain to Seaside

   One of Lebanon’s greatest and renowned virtues is its short-time driving distance from the coastal plain to the mountains; they are so close to one another that it seems sometimes that the mountain rise abruptly from the sea.  Like I mentioned in the previous post, last Friday night I went with my friend to Faqra for the weekend supposedly, but then we ended up leaving the next afternoon. The hotel at the Faqra Club was closed for temporary renovation and repair of the sites damaged during the winter. Although we got pasta and tomato sauce we did not know how to light up the gas stove. The only restaurant close to Faqra Club was “3and Chekir” which is a Lebanese restaurant that I don’t like much. But we had no other choice that night. In addition to that, for lack of entertainment, we slept so early—which is awkward unusual. We woke up the next morning with an empty stomach so we decided to head down to Zeytuna Bay and have a king meal—queen I mean. We got there in no time; surprisingly, there was no traffic. We had lunch at the great yummy Italian restaurant at Zeytuna Bay, Signor Sassi—which I might write a review about very soon. Before we left Faqra, we took a ride in the village club to see if there were any other people around and we enjoyed taking some pictures as well, with the amazing back view we have from our panoramic spots.

   I was wearing a Massimo Dutti white linen T-shirt, True Religion stripes shorts, and Topshop “premium” leather boots, Swarovski winged heart necklace and wearing occasionally the big fat monochrome Marni jacket and holding my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

The sun was hitting right in my eyes and I have forgotten my sunglasses

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