Monday, May 27, 2013

Green Faqra

   I actually wanted to look for a good poem about spring to introduce these amazing spring pictures I shot at Faqra, but I could not find a nice, light-hearted, and not-cheeky one—too bad. Well, this past weekend I went up to Faqra again, after a long winter grief. My friend and I drove all the way from Jounieh on a Friday night—where I felt it would be more appropriate and fun for us to be elsewhere, more on that on the next post—and the roads were very obscure. Meaning we weren’t able to see the greenery of Faqra scene only after we woke up the next day. And to my surprise, it was just green, everywhere. Green forest. All trees fully packed. I wish I found you a poem, it would have been more “romantic”… I hope the pictures will do the job.

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