Friday, May 17, 2013

Strike Twice

   Unlike what I thought, I am able to manage my blog even better during final exams than when I had a ton of homework to be done! Anguish aside, I have tried to replicate many times the style of a chic woman, I saw on the street, a while now, wearing a horizontal stripes shirt along with a vertical stripes pant suit—I was MIND BLOWN with her idea of pairing up vertical and horizontal stripes together, and it did really work her style. Truth be told, replicating is a bad idea, I should have known better than trying to do that. Bottom line of the story, I wake up today morning and I finally manage to match some horizontal and vertical stripes items together unconsciously, while I was in a hurry to dress up for college. Such a sport chic endeavor, don't you think?

   I paired up the sample ZARA tee and the Adidas Originals sweater with a blue denim and running shoes!

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