Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer is Right Around the Corner

   It would be an understatement to say that I am back, I am HELL back my dear friends! I am going to enjoy the best summer with you on my blog! And you're going to love every reading of it! I know that you don't want to hear speaking of exams, but this is only to mention the last of last for this year, my exam in corporate finance. As far as I scored a 59 on the midterms, I am exploding the scores on the finals to keep up with my GPA. And I am betting on that! It's not just hope, I did study very hard. 

Besides that, today, I had lunch when I was finished, at the beautiful Zeytuna Bay, that I have mentioned before a couple of times. There was an event held there, which was mainly our purpose of going there, "Designer's Week". How good? Not up to my expectations necessarily vis-a-vis of the pret-a-porter or ready-to-wear. However, the jewellery was very exquisite, I would say if there was to eat. Before I forget, we had lunch at the very yummy St. Elmos towards the end of the bay. It's my second lunch there, I love the place, except for the not-so-great service and the cat that keeps prowling around our table. A "Garfield" cat, those orangey ones. I have to be more elaborate on the restaurant of course, but I will leave this for another reading. 
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   Going back to the art and design exhibition, there was especially one woman, or two, that marked me. The first displays unique lampshades; I heard her conversation with another woman, she said, "I actually started this after my son. my son has autism. And he started doing the electricity... and then I had the idea of designing the lampshades". I wish I had taken pictures of these lampshades, which are quite exceptional. I will try to describe them; the foot that actually supports and leads up to the lamp is an empty expensive alcoholic drink brand bottle, and the sort of hat you see that covers partly the lamp has designs of flowers, and other things that I don't remember quite well. I will show you pictures of the lampshades next time I go to the exhibition. 
Malaika  Najem

   The second woman is a contemporary handmade jewellery designer. Her name is Malaika Najem. She will be very soon a trendsetter, and I put a big deal of trust into her work and vision of her brand. So while I was happening to ask her where she will be selling her pieces of arts, she asked for my number as well as my best friend's to keep us up-to-date. So there it was, that moment, when i slipped my "business card" away from my pocket and hand it to her, "you can have my card, there's my number on it and I am actually a lifestyle blogger". There, said. Next time, I will make the first step.

My "business card"

Malaika  Najem
 Malaika Najem is also a very receptive and sweet person, I will also say that her charm and politeness to her potential customers win her big. I will compare her to a heartless owner of another exhibition stand, of jewellery as well. That last person might not be the designer, I feel her to be more as a buyer of nice things. Although I loved some of the things she has, she was there sitting in the stand talking to some woman about some future selfish plans, utterly ignoring customers, while the vendor she employed had to be kind enough to sell us the line. A few moments after we actually "stepped in" the stand, a TV reporter approached her and asked her to speak about her perhaps, or the jewellery she is selling. She dismissed her arrogantly. It's crazy, most people would love to pass on TV! I just don't understand.

Malaika  Najem designs

Other designers

   Today, I wore a Topshop crop top underneath the ZARA pajama shorts overall, my white leather Converse, Swarovski winged heart necklace, some rings, my YSL sunglasses, and my Louis Vuitton tote. I agree, not such a fashion-forward outfit but I cannot afford to do an exam in complex clothes. I'll save you that for next time!

More of Malaika  Najem

Trying on Malaika  Najem's recycled cuff

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