Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sunday Shopping Day Out

  Frustration. I feel stuck in a dead-end. I feel like the type of people who promise without taking any actions. I feel like a prisoner of my own ideas. I am a prisoner of time. Time, which constraints potentials, abilities, out-fashions a once relevant idea. It's always like that, during my final exams. I feel I am a world away from you. But I hope that later on, I will be able to perform  better and come up with even better ideas, while executing the ones on-hold yet. I hope this summer, which will start by the end of May for me, will be all about taking risks and exploring my windows of opportunities.

   Last sunday, the temperature was slightly cooler than it has been the past week, so the weather allowed to add some layers. It was perfect for a shopping day-out downtown Beirut (girls only).
I was wearing a Topshop bodycon dress, Armani Exchange jacket, Balenciaga bag, and DKNY leather peep-toe heels, and some bracelets I have from here and there.

   Have you been checking my instagram?

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