Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Toque du Chef" Cupcakes

    I was thinking again about my cousin’s Elia first communion and I decided, although I did not plan it, to write a review about the cupcakes of the celebration. The cupcakes were made by a pastry and caterer called “Toque du Chef”. Before jumping to conclusions, I would like to clarify that the simple motive behind the conversation over this cupcake is the surprising fact that I ate it all—glazing included. As it comes to me, it is not an easy thing to eat butter glazing cream because it is tasteless and dangerously fattening—so I try to avoid heavy glazing cupcakes a lot. Yet, despite the cake being slightly dry for a cupcake or sponge cake, the glazing exploded the scores. Reason? It was strawberry flavored!

   Then I started thinking, was it the first time I eat a flavored glazing cupcake? I guessed yes. It was a successful premiere then.

It wasn’t about the strawberry but it was about eating the whole entire cupcake and about adding the flavor. How genius! That was the first time I actually enjoy eating a cupcake. I used to fake it, “wow cupcakes how special”…

Otherwise, aside from the glazing, the design, the colors, and the presentation of the cupcakes were very relevant around the theme of the celebration. The white flowers were appealing to the purity, worth and grace of the first communion, while the pink ruffles underneath as well as the butterfly paper wrap were giving a sense of charm which added feminity and loveliness to the more formal context of the celebration.

Finally, as far as I am concerned, I believe that if Toque du Chef focuses further on the success of their cupcakes and make slightly needed changes, it could buy gold.

Toque du chef  opens daily from 7.00h to 21.00h and on Sundays from 7.00h to 16.00h.

00961 04 923 246
00961 03 277 778

Ground floor, Galleria center,
Main road, Elissar area
Mazraet Yachouh (Metn)

The sea view from the lunch table at the restaurant we were at, Le Galet.

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