Saturday, May 4, 2013

Triple MAD

    I am in bed yawning properly at my laptop and even some fatigue tears are dropping from the inner corner of my eyes, and my eyes are closing. I had such a long day: I went to see my friend from Paris in Beirut, Ashrafieh, then we had lunch, went to study and went out again at night. But yesterday night was terrible. An event was organized at Mad, which is undoubtedly one of  the most trendy nightclub in Beirut,  by the three most popular English-educating universities in Lebanon, which of course stand out among them AUB, my university. The club was fully packed, we were literally sweating. Even though at 3 am half of the people left, the place was still packed like a regular Saturday night, so can you IMAGINE?

I hope I am not so bad in grammar by the end of the night and before I'm done, let me show you what I wore last night:

    I was wearing a Max&Co sheer and cotton layered grey shirt, ZARA white jupe-culotte or divided skirt (shorts that looks like a skirt from the front), Camilla Skovgaard black suede pumps, Balenciaga red clutch, and Swarovski heart wings necklace.

    Also for my smokey eyes, I chose to use the Dior Twin Set for eyes in black, and the mini collection of eyeliners I have from Make Up For Ever that ranges in shiny silver, gold, bronze, matte grey and black, but then, last night, I only used the shiny silver and matte
grey .

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