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A Timeless Make-up for an Iconic Image

   Kate Moss is a name we all know. She’s an iconic face we instantly recognize and admire always on the billboards, on the pages of the magazines, and on the news. The woman is currently 39 and she has been successful since her early teenage years. Yet, despite her age, she still gives out a spirit of youth and timelessness.

Kate Moss on the cover of this month's issue (June) of Vogue UK

   Two days ago, Imran Amed, founder of the Business of Fashion, sits down with reputed make-up artist Charlotte Tillbury and her collaborators, hairstylist Malcolm Edwards and photographer Chris Levine to discuss about their new portrait of Kate Moss, “She’s light (Pure)”, at the Make-up House of Rock ‘n Kohl in Selfridges, London. This project means to redefine the importance of make-up in personal image, shed light on the talent of Tillbury, and promote the launching of her new make-up brand this fall.

   In this portrait, we discover Kate Moss again as an intimate icon, yet she is still the same. She looks amazing simply with her hair laid back, her scarlet lips and black eyeliner. But there is still something—that you and I cannot tell. It is something in the realm of beauty and confidence. There is so little hints in this portrait that I find it very interesting the way it still entices our sight.

   That intrigued my thoughts further about her make-up. It also reminded me, not long time ago, a friend (she is a brunette) wore similar make-up at a party. I was very impressed the way it looked on her, glamourous yet discrete. I did compliment her heavily. Red lips, pink rosy cheeks, and soft black eyeliner—is that the trick?

My interpretation of a timeless make-up
Pencils and colors
   I will admit, I did some research about it and I found more beautiful faces and it turned out to be an age-old trick. Just a trick you need to know.

   It is true that make-up preferences varies upon physical attributes, yet, this look pulls off all skin tones, hair-and-eye colors. Otherwise, you can wear this look with anything, or just an idea, with a night blue overall and flats the way my friend did.

Cameron Diaz (Light skin, brunette, blue eyes)
Emma Watson (Light skin, brunette, brown eyes)
Michelle Williams (Light skin, blonde, hazel eyes)
Rihanna (Dark skin, brunette, hazel eyes)
Cameron Diaz (Light skin, blonde, blue eyes)
Lucy Liu (Asian light skin, black hair, brown eyes)

Angelina Jolie (Light skin, brunette, blue eyes)
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Light skin, light brunette, blue eyes)
On the runway at Michael Kors for Fall/Winter 2013-2014
   I believe that I now have a true answer to what make-up you must have, if you ask me. I would say foundation and eye concealer of course; add black eyeliner, mascara, pink blush, and red lipstick. (at least)

   Here is a selective sample of the brands I like for natural pink blush and matte red lipstick.

Chanel, powder blush 72 Rose Initial
(Unbreakable powder = good investment)
Left: Blush Duo; Right: Blush G Sakura (this summer's edition)

Dior Skin Nude Tan, Paradise Duo in Pink Glow
This is an iridescent blush and a bronzing powder at the same time!!!
Dior Blush, Cheek Creme in Capri 851
MAC, Creme Blend Blush in "So Sweet, So Easy" (bright yellow pink)
Note: I love cream blush because they are very easy to manipulate, but the thing I like about the powder blush is that it gives out more glimmer and shine to the cheeks. You choose according to your preferences! 

Chanel, Rouge Allure Lipstick
MAC, Lipstick in Chili (matte)
MAC, Lipstick in Ruby Woo (matte)
Clinique, Chubby Stick in Two Ton Tomato
This is a lip moisturizer and a lipstick at the same time! I love!
Note: Whether you choose Chanel or MAC lipstick will depend on your budget! Besides that, I recommend strongly the Clinique chubby stick; I use it on a daily basis and it is very practical when I am in a hurry!

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