Saturday, June 8, 2013

Girls and Moms

   Yesterday night, I went on kind of a "date" with my mom and my new friends from college and their moms to St Elmos—because we thought that if our mothers knew each other, they might have a chance to be friends. And well, it even turned out to be better than expected: our moms were all pretty, agreed on the same “principles” and rules, and even have children of about the same age. I had a blast! Surprisingly I was there before time (I’m not punctual usually) and I was offered a glass of vin rose from mannerly guys from the table right next to ours meanwhile I was waiting. Literally, I had a blast yesterday night. I couldn’t take pictures during the dinner, but I wore today the same clothes just to show you!

   I was wearing a Topshop shirt, Giorgio Armani snakeskin flats, Marni x H&M jacket, and a Balenciaga red clutch.

Cuff Earrings NOT Funny Face

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